Frequently Answered Questions

When is registration open?

Registration typically begins in January and ends in April.

When do games begin?

Games typically begin the weekend following Memorial Day.

When do practices begin?

Practices can begin May 1st once rosters are formed and communicated to coaches.

What is the age cutoff date for determining which division my player should be in?

Player's age as of April 30th.

Who do I contact about my child's age division?

Please contact the commissoner assigned to your child's age group/league:

Division Age Group Commissioner Phone Email
T-Ball Boys 5 & 6, Girls 5 Brian Danielson 614-207-8979
Clinic Girls Softball Girls 6-8 Angela Yahn 614-364-3417
Clinic Boys Baseball Boys 7 & 8 Tim Sebetich 614-406-4420 timsebetich@gmail
Junior Girls Softball Girls 9-11 Malik Dean 614-774-3224
Junior Boys Baseball Boys 9 & 10 OPEN   timsebetich@gmail
Senior Girls Softball Girls 12-14 Tim O'Leary 614-554-5987
Senior Boys Baseball Boys 11 & 12 Robert Ouellette 614-565-5999
High School Girls Softball Girls 15-18 Angela Yahn 614-364-3417
Pony Boys Baseball Boys 13-15 Jim Downerd 614-459-3585

High School Boys Baseball Boys 16-18 Brad Graley 614-584-9327


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